Dimitri Belikov (Cowok Pertama di Vampire Academy)

Full Name: Dimitri Belikov

Nicknames: Dimka, Comrade

Age: 24, in Vampire Academy

Sub Species: Dhampir

Height/Weight: 6’7” / Unknown

Eye Colour: Dark Brown, Red(BP)

Hair Colour: Medium-Dark Brown Hair (Shoulder Length)

Related to/ Family Members: Olena Belikova (Mother), Yeva Belikova (Grandmother), Karolina Belikova (Sister), Sonya Belikova (Sister), Viktoria Belikova (Sister), Paul Belikov (Nephew), Zoya Belikov (Niece)

Relationship Status: Single but Attracted (VA), Single But Attracted and Angsty(FB), Attached to Rose w/promise of future(SK), Attached to Rose w/promise of death(BP), Attached (LS)

Occupation: Guardian (To Vasilisa Dragomir when off campus (VA pg. 22) – he is Christian Ozera’s guardian nowadays)

Physical Appearance: Dark brown eyes, dark brown hair/medium length, tall, God like looks, Often wears hair in a pony-tail, wears a duster (long brown coat.)

Characteristics/Personality: Faint Russian Accent (VA#1 pg. 11), Reads westerns (VA pg. 65).

First Appearance/Mention: VA#1 pg 5

Background Information: At the start of the series is a promised Guardian and has six Molnija marks, indicating he killed six Strigoi (VA#2 pg. 13). Trained at the guardian/ Moroi school in Siberia. Was assigned to a Zeklos lord after graduation but who was recently killed( at the beginning of VA), which led to him being assigned to the academy.

Hometown: Baia, Russia

Funny/ Favourite Quotes:

“‘You don’t have to cut off your hair. It’s not required.”[…] “Don’t cut it.”’ (VA pg. 186)

“’Well then, you have an amazing body.” I glanced up at him with a questioning look [Rose]. “For healing, I mean. I heard about the accident” (VA pg. 252)

[To Rose] “You are so beautiful, it hurts me sometimes.” (VA pg. 283)

“Yes, Roza. I did want you. I still do. I wish… we could be together.” (VA pg. 323)

“[…] you and I will both be Lissa’s guardians someday. I need to protect her at all costs. If a pack of Strigoi comes, I need to throw my body between them and her.” […] “No. If I let myself love you, i won’t throw myself in front of her. I’ll throw myself in front of you.” (VA pg. 324)

“‘Don’t tell me what I’m feeling,’ he growled”( FB pg. 111)

[Talking to Rose about turning down Tasha’s offer, Rose says “she was, you know, into you…”]“‘Yes she was. Is. And that’s why I had to say no. I couldn’t return that… couldn’t give her what she wanted. Not when…’ He took a few steps toward me. ‘Not when my heart is somewhere else.’” (FB pg. 325-326)

“‘I love you Roza.’ He kissed me again. ‘I’ll always be here for you. I’m not going to let anything happen to you’” (SK pg. 351)

“‘Roza.’ His voice had that same wonderful lowness, the same accent…it was all just colder. ‘You forgot my first lesson: Don’t hesitate.’” (BP pg. 283)

“You forgot another lesson: Never turn your back until you know your enemy is dead. Looks like we’ll have to go over the lesson again the next time I see you—which will be soon. Love, D” (BP pg. 499)

Source: http://www.shadowkissed.net/character-bios/dimitri-belikov/

My Favorite About Dimitri:

  • “Roza, my self-control is ten times stronger than yours.”
    I opened my eyes, shifting to look into his. I brushed his hair back and smiled, certain my heart would expand and expand until there was nothing left of me.
    “Oh yeah? That’s not the impression I just got.”
    “Wait until next time,” he warned. “I’ll do things that’ll make you lose control within seconds.” ― Last Sacrifice
  • “The other problem in my life is Dimitri. He’s the one who killed Natalie, and he’s a total badass. He’s also pretty good-looking. Okay—more than good-looking. He’s hot—like, the kind of hot that makes you stop walking on the street and get hit by traffic.” ― Frostbite

Rose and Dimitri

here is a fanart I’ve found in @OfficialVAMovie dan abis liat itu aku mikir, “YA TUHAN!!! pas banget sama imej Dimitri!!!” dan langsung ngerasa kalo cowok ini cocok jadi Dimitri. hihihi…


Here is a Russian actor who will be Dimitri in the movie~ Danila Kozlovsky!!!! Let’s meet him XD kya kya kya~~


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