Dream Girl

Hello, it’s me… a girl live in her own world. I love writing, reading, and lately I guess I like writing reviews for books I love and I’ve been read. Before you read what I’ve wrote, let me introduce you little things about me. If you wanna tell me something, just say it in polite words. If you’re a intelligent human, just proof it with your sentences. You’ve been educate, right? This is my world and I write what I’m thinking.


Shin Hyun Rin (신현린)

Real Name



Rin, Beautiful-Sparkling-Diamond

Date of birth







Air and especially water. Could do nothing without cold water. Powerful in heavy rain. Hate summer―can’t breathe.


Reading what people feels by their expression on the face, keeping secret what people usually tell, sometimes shy but could be the most happy girl in the world, at very much time I have confidence that could make people suprised. Specialism in Indonesian and English, now learning on Korean.



Eye Color

Gorgeous black

Hair Color

Beautiful-shining black

Related To

No one


Available, but in a deeply love with Cho Kyuhyun, Choi Siwon, Adrian Ivashkov, and Roarke


A free spirit

Favorite Things

Books, pretty guys, listening to music, and imagine everything in everywhere. I love drink sweets, unlike Sydney Saga that think if sweets will making her fat, I don’t care at all with my body shapes. I think I have a pretty good body shapes without doing any diets. I hate real coffee, but I like to smell the scent of it.

Favorite Books

For now, I am in love with In Death series by J.D. Robb and Bloodlines series by Richelle Mead.

Favorite Heroes

All girls heroine is my favorite. I don’t like clumsy. Eve Dallas, Rosemarie Hathaway, Sydney Saga… for now they’re my favorite heroine. For heroes itself are Roarke, Dimitri Belikov, and Adrian Ivashkov. Even Adrian have not-so-good ability to fight, but at least he’s trying to defending himself and the girl he loved. I am impressed. That’s why I also enter him as my favorite hero.

Favorite Songs

It always changed. But, always, I like some romantic lyrics. All Super Junior songs are favorite of mine. I stand out for 15 amazing boys from South Korea.


“To be an important is good, but most important is good.”―My Dad


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